How To Write A Speech - Read On

How to write a speech - this is a big topic to cover so let's break it down into steps:

1) Decide on the speech topic. This is the cricial start point. You need to have a topic that you know alot about and one that enables you to quickly formulate a speech plan.

2) Brainstorm speech ideas. This is the process where you begin to list ideas and sub-topics for your speech.

3) First draft of your speech. This is the point where you transfer speech ideas into sentences and paragraphs and create a first draft of your speech.

4) Refine your speech and create the second draft. This is where you read out your speech and begin to change sentences and paragraphs to improve the flow and content.

5) Check the speech against the time available for your speech. Here you should read out your speech and time it. Ensure that it fits the time you have for your speech.

6) Move to the final draft. Using your speech timings, you may need to reduce the content of your speech to meet the time. This enables you to create a final draft.

Following these steps shows you how to write a speech for any topic.

Good Luck!

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