In The Spotlight

Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Janet Esposito - Book Review

In The Spotlight by Janet Esposito is very different from most books I've read about overcoming your fear of public speaking.

In a nutshell, it focuses on understanding your fear and working directly on reducing your fear. Broadly speaking, most other books tell you to prepare your speech well and to practice giving speeches and the fear will sort itself out.

You can see this from comments of various readers at For example:

"If you are terrified of public speaking and need to come to grips with your fear, then this is your book. If fear is not your main issue, in that you are looking for tips and techniques...then keep looking".

"This book is for people who have a phobia of speaking in front of others and want to understand how they can accept, deal with, and conquer this fear".

"As a psychologist who specializes in treating people with social phobia and other anxiety based disorders, it gives me great pleasure to endorse In The Spotlight".

"I went from absolute dread at the prospect of speaking in public to actually volunteering".

"Most authors simply say that you need to 'be prepared' and this is enough to get you through a speaking situation. This is absolutely not true as a true fear of public speaking goes much deeper than that".

Janet Esposito was terrified of public speaking herself. But she found a way to work through it and so she's writing from a viewpoint of first-hand experience.

If you are scared rigid at the thought of giving a speech then maybe this is a book for you. It's very rare for a book to attract such a high number of readers comments at Amazon (41 as at February 2005), and most of those readers rate the book very highly.

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