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If you have to give a speech and you're looking for help then you've come to the right place. Maybe you're terrified at the thought, or perhaps you just want a few tips. Maybe you're not scared by speaking in public but you want to get better.

Well, you should find something to interest you here. Whether you're new to public speaking or a seasoned pro, you'll find just the advice you need.

I remember nearly 30 years ago when I was asked to be best man at a wedding - I was 19 years old. From the time I was asked to the day of the wedding I spent a lot of time worrying about my speech.

In preparation for the big day I bought a book which helped steady my nerves (a bit!) because it gave me instruction on what to say and some handy tips on how to reduce my anxiety.

But I wish the Internet and this web site had been around back then. I could have read the tips here free of charge and I would almost certainly have purchased a 'ready-made' best man speech from one of the specialist speech web sites that we recommend here on the Instant Speeches page.

The content of Public Speaking Advice is designed to give you the hints, tips and information you need to create and deliver the perfect speech for any occasion.

We have articles, book review, links to web sites where you can buy ready made professionally written speeches... and more ...

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