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There are many public speaking books which aim to help you lose your fear of making speeches and also increase your skills in making speeches.

There's little doubt that the most powerful way to improve your skills or reduce your anxiety is to practice. However, reading good books is also a great idea. Here's why.

First, you can pick up some practical tips. Why try to work it all out for yourself if you're an inexperienced speaker. It's a much better idea to copy someone else. Second, reading books can help build your confidence. Even if you lack experience, taking on extra knowledge can change your beliefs about your own capabilities as a speaker.

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I agree with the many raves posted. In my opinion, this book is, hands-down, the most practical and helpful when it comes to actively overcoming a fear of public speaking--and I have read them all!

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I've been a member of Toastmasters Clubs and been trained in all the "fundamentals of speaking" but I'll tell you something: Carnegie's three fundamental principles are all you need.

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I've read a fair number of books on social phobia, shyness and so on, and Esposito's is, in my opinion, far and away the best of the bunch. Not only is it the only one that nails the bullseye on this specific fear, but it's also a joy to read - conversational, yet authoritative; concise, yet comprehensive.

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The Presentation Advisor - Step-by-step ebook for facilitators, trainers, educators and public speakers. Discover how to organize and plan absolutely successful presentations with confidence.

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