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Why bother with presentation skills training?

Well, it depends a lot on how you like to learn a new skill.

How have you learnt in the past?

Did you bury yourself in a book or have you achieved more success by attending a class?

If you're seeking help to improve your public speaking - or simply get less terrified about it - then you have three main options:

1 - Read some Public Speaking Books
2 - Join a Public Speaking Organization
3 - Take some Public Speaking Training

As to whether you are prepared to attend a class depends I guess on how important public speaking is to you - or maybe how terrified you are right now about making a speech. Or maybe the type of person you are plays a big part. Personally, when I want to find out how to do something I invest my time and maybe some money finding someone to teach me.

If you're like me then here are some organizations that offer public speaking or presentation skills training (links are to pages on this web site that provide more detail):

Dale Carnegie Training - offers a variety of leadership courses worldwide including public speaking.

The Presentation Business - a UK based public speaking training company.

The Leader's Institute - offers public speaking seminars in the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

Skill Studio - a UK public speaking skills training company that offers introductory, improvers and advanced classes.

Go to our page on Customized and Executive Speech Coaching for details of one-to-one presentation skills training

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