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If you're looking for training in the UK to improve your public speaking skill then it's well worth looking at the

Skill Studio web site.

Skill Studio offer three presentation courses: beginners, improvers and advanced.


This one-day seminar is aimed at those new to presenting who want to take the first steps to becoming an accomplished speaker.

The focus is placed on teaching participants how to structure a presentation for maximum effect, build confidence, get more power and conviction in the voice, and start to make an impact in front of an audience. Here is one participant's comment:

"Still now I find my transformation hard to believe. I would never - and I mean never - have felt so confident if I hadn't done the course with you. I just put everything you taught me into practice, but it's incredible to realise how much you have achieved in just one day!"


Lasting two days, this seminar is for those who have speaking experience but want to be more effective. The focus is similar to stage one, but in more depth. Here again is one attendee's testimonial:

"I was fairly wary of attending the course and my nerves were all over the place before it started. However, with the exercises and approach to the training I found that the difference in all trainees from day one to day two was astounding; ... I learnt so much ... I never thought I would say that I cannot wait until I give my next formal presentation to try out my effective presentation skills..."


Again lasting two days, this seminar is for experienced speakers who want to give more powerful and dynamic presentations. You'll need to visit the Skill Studio web site to see what is involved in this advanced public speaking skill course. There's simply too much to cover here!

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