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You can buy an instant best man speech from for around US$20 (with a money back guarantee)

For this you receive 5 speeches and a collection of toasts and quotes.

In addition there are several bonuses including a best man's handbook and best man's checklist.

Even if you end up changing the speech somewhat, buying one of these professionally written ready made speeches can help you make sure you don't make any major blunders of ettiquette.

For example, the instant best man speech that you buy from this site will teach you:

Who to thank
How to give special acknowledgements
How to close your speech

Here are some customer comments from the Ultimate Speeches web site.

"I did not want a "CANNED" speech so the idea of getting [multiple] speeches and using parts of them with my own knowledge of the Groom simply saved the day for me. Once it came down to the performance I was still a little nervous in front of 200 people, but I was well prepared and I owe it all to this package. Thanks ever so much."

"With your package, I was able to mix and match some great material, including some humor and appropriate compliments and comments to the bride/groom as well as the families and bridesmaids (which I probably wouldn't have thought of)."

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