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You can buy an instant wedding speech from for around US$20 (with a 90 day money back guarantee. If you prefer to get a physical copy of the speeches sent to you the cost is higher.

The following categories of wedding speech are available to download:

Best man wedding speeches
Father of the bride wedding speeches
Maid of honor wedding speeches

- plus you can purchase their The master planning wedding guide - again available for immediate download.

You also get some bonus products when you buy the speeches ebooks. These are an audio on increasing your confidence, a book of 100 or so jokes and a book of 100 or so toasts. Probably the most valuable bonus though is the 'private email consultation' where you can quiz the authors on any problems with your speeches.

Here are some customer comments from the web site regarding the speeches ebooks that you can download.

"I thought that I would let you know that your advice has worked brilliantly! I ended up writing the speech within half an hour, borrowing from your sample speeches... ...What a difference from my previous public speaking disasters. Your book is great and certainly worth every penny." (Best Man)

"I actually feel bad about how well my speech went... it totally outshone the best man... looked like he could've used your advice, esecially the bit about not drinking to excess..." (Father of the Bride)

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