4th July Speeches - How To Write One

4th July speeches are speeches that recognise and celebrate the United States Of America date of independence.

In the 4th July speeches, you should speak about how proud you are to be part of the United States Of America and the positive aspects of being independent.

Your 4th July speeches should have an introduction, a main part and an ending.

Your speech introduction should welcome people and set the scene for the rest of the speech. eg.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased and proud to be speaking to you on 4th July, our independence day. I welcome you all and hope that you feel as proud as I do to be part of this great country. I'd like to speak for a few minutes about how important this day is to us all".

The main part of your 4th July speeches should focus on three or four key points about the positive aspects of being an independent country eg.

"Being an independent country gives us rights, privileges, freedoms and opportunities. It binds us as a nation and gives us power on the world stage. I stand before you now knowing that our forefathers have paved the way for this great nation to be proud in it's independence. etc."

The ending of your 4th July speeches could be a toast or a positive note on which to finish eg.

"To finish, I'd like us all to raise a glass and say in celebration of this great day 'We love you USA!'"

Your 4th July speeches can be long, but often shorter speeches work best.

Good luck!

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