A Toast Speech - The Basics

What is a toast speech?

First, you make a short statement to present your good wishes (possibly in joke format) to someone. Second, people present then drink to express their support for whatever you have said.

For example, these are toasts:

"Good health"
"The Bride and Groom"

"Happy birthday"

You could hardly call these few words 'speeches'.

A speech will last longer - but could be less than a minute long. Also, drinking is not necessarily part of the whole thing.

So, let's say that you have been asked to make a toast at someone's retirement party. You need to be quite clear as to whether you need to give a speech or make a toast.

Remember: toasts are short. Don't waffle on but a few well directed words before the actual toast are fine.

If your job is to make a speech ending with a toast then I guess you could call it a toast speech.

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