Best Man Speeches

Traditionally, best man speeches are the last speech to be given.

This speech should be used to congratulate the bride and groom, provide some humorous stories about the groom and to read out cards from guests who could not attend and propose a toast to the bride and groom.

There is always an expectation that the best man's speeches will be humorous so don't disappoint!

Here are some tips to make sure your best man speech hits the mark:

Tip 1 - Don't use unusual language or words that your audience will not understand. Keep it simple!

Tip 2 - Refrain from using abusive language or swear words. Some of your audience may be offended.

Tip 3 - If you speak about past events, make sure your audience know what you are referring to. Explain yourself if you have to.

Tip 4 - Be prepared for distractions - mobile phones and small children spring to mind!

Tip 5 - If in doubt, miss it out! Never use something that you think might work - be certain!

Tip 6 - Always stand up for your speech and move to where everyone can see and hear you.

Tip 7 - At the end of your speech, return to your seat and sit down. Don't be tempted to adlib and continue your speech.

The best man speech should cover:

* Opening remarks - Welcome everyone and thank the bride and groom for the gifts that they have given to the best man (you!), the page boy(s) and the bridesmaid(s).

* Make some short comments about the groom and how the bride and groom came to meet. This is where the speech needs to be humorous!

* Make some short comments about your thoughts about the groom and how they compliment each other as a couple.

* Read out several cards from guests that could not attend the wedding.

* Finish with a toast to the health and happiness of the bride and groom.

If you follow these simple tips, your best man speeches will go without a hitch.

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