Best Man Toast

Here are a selection of best man toast to use to close your speech with a laugh:

"To bring things to a conclusion, I'd like to thank you all for your attention. And let me just say that if you've enjoyed listening to this speech as much as I've enjoyed making it, then all I can do is offer my sincere apologies."

"For those of you catching the early bus home, I'll finish now and raise a glass to the bride and groom..."

"And finally, when asked me to be best man and make this speech, I felt relaxed and comfortable. Now I've made the speech, I'm not sure. So if someone could prop open the door of the gents and stock up on paper, I'll be along shortly!"

"The art of a good speech is knowing when to stop. I know, that time past several minutes ago!"

Also, the art of a good best man speech is to judge what type of best man toasts to include. The bestman speech is a once in a lifetime event (hopefully) for the bride and groom - and maybe for you too. Never include best man toasts that you may regret for the rest of your life!

"And finally, for those of you with hearing aids, I hope you switched them off at the start of my speech!"

"And finally, if anyone has been offended by any of the jokes in my speech, then sod you - I liked it!"

"This speech carries a government health warning - so I'd better wrap things up before we all feel ill!"

"And finally, if you liked my speech tell your friends, if not, shut up!"

"Anyway, I'd better finish now as, just between you and me, I have to nip out and get the Viagra tablets for the groom."

"Why is it when you're nervous, every muscle in your body tightens - except one! On that note, I'd better go!"

"News just in... the stag do photos of naked men have been handed in to the police. They are not pressing charges and said we shouldn't worry about a little thing like that! Gotta go!"

"To end, I'd just like to wish the bride and groom a successful wedding night - you can let me have the sheep back when you've finished with it!"

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