Business Presentations To Wow Your Managers And Peers

A business presentation is normally a formal presentation given to employees, managers, directors or clients of an organisation.

Each of these presentations has different aims and objectives and will be tailored to the needs of the audience.

There are three key stages to building your business presentation:

1) Who are your audience?

By understanding your audience, you will have a much better chance of directing the presentation to their needs and to gain their 'buy in'.

2) What are you trying to tell them?

Sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many presentations dance around the main issues. Be very specific and stick to the issues in hand. Don't be distracted by the audience.

3) How are you going to tell them?

Again, you need to find the presentation method that delivers the content in a form your audience can take in. You could use many different types of speech visual aids (link) to make sure your presentation hits the mark.

As the presentation is formal, you should always pre-write your presentation and practice it beforehand. The more practice you have, the more fluent the presentation will be.

Write the key bullet points of your presentation onto small cards so you can easily refer to them if you need to. When you use the cards, be careful that you don't keep glancing down at the cards. This can cause your presentation to look shifty and it takes your eyes away from the audience.

Before your presentation, decide how you are going to handle questions. If you think your audience will be keen to ask questions then you should start your presentation by telling them when to ask questions (it's best to take the questions at the end of the presentation). It's very distracting if your presentation is constantly interrupted by your audience and you may miss out your key points.

Your presentation could take 30 minutes or more and may contain very detailed content. If this is the case, you may consider transferring the key points of your presentations into note form that you can then give to your audience. The notes can be given at the end of the presentation to enhance and provide detail of the topics covered.

With preparation and practice, you'll soon be wowing your audience. Good luck!

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