Wedding Speech Tips

Confetti .com is another web site which contains free tips on the various wedding speeches.

In fact this UK web site offers a wide range of wedding and party products as well as the free articles on wedding speeches.


There are also several handy and inexpensive books available to buy.

These include:

The best man'sspeech
How to write a wedding speech
The best man's wedding
The groom's wedding
The father of the bride's wedding

Even if you're not looking to buy a book on speeches it is worth visiting www.Confetti.com to read the free articles on wedding speeches. There are about a dozen articles including:


The bride's speech
The best man's speech
The father of the bride's speech
Coping with nerves
Wedding speech no-nos

For example here's a quick extract from Wedding speech no-nos:

"But when the pressure's on to get a laugh, you may be tempted to get carried away and cross a line or two. Of course weddings should be happy, light-hearted occasions, but push things too far and you could end up regretting it. Check out the following taboos and make sure your speech is memorable for the all the right reasons!"

Actually the tips on speeches are only a very small part of the Confetti web site. You may also want to check it out for its wide range of wedding gifts.

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