Find Interesting Demonstration Speech Topic

Finding an interesting demonstration speech topic is simple if you follow these steps:

1) Make a list of topics that you know something about. You don't need an expert knowledge, but a good understanding is useful.

2) Prioritise the list in order of which topics you are interested in.

3) Now look through the list and determine which topics you have access to information about. This will make the speech writing much easier.

4) You should have one or two topics that you are interested in and have access to information about.

5) Use one of the following to create a working title for your speech:

How To Make ... How To Fix ... How To Use ... How To Do ... How ... Works How ... Is Done, Produced or Made

6) Create a bullet point outline for your speech.

7) Add information to each bullet point.

8) Write your speech out.

9) Read your speech and refine as necessary.

10) Practice!

Search the web for more 'demonstration speech topic':