Easter speech focused around the word EASTER

Easter speeches can be focused around the actual letters of the word E A S T E R.

The idea is to start by talking about a word that starts with the letter E.

For example you could take the word eggs and say that many people think about easter eggs at this time of year - but that there's more to it than that.

Next you focus on a word starting with A, for example Arimathaea.

You could say that the reason Christians remember Easter is because of what happened at Arimathaia where Jesus was placed into a sealed tomb.

Next, S could stand for sacrifice. The story starts with the crucifixion of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us.

Then you need a word starting with T, such as thorns and you could talk about the crown of thorns worn by Jesus as he made his way to Calvary.

E might stand for everlasting. Though Jesus is said ot have died on the cross his influence is everlasting.

This is partly because of the resurrection, starting with the letter R, when Jesus rose again from the dead.

You can make up your own words starting with these letters, but certainly it's a good way to create easter speeches.

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