Anniversary Toasts

Here are some free anniversary toasts which we have selected from two fine books on toasts: Paul Dickson's The Complete Book Of Toasts and William R Evans' & Andrew Fotheringham's Crisp Toasts.

You can buy either at Amazon.

Let anniversaries come and let anniversaries go - but may your happiness continue on forever.

May their joys be as deep as the ocean
And their misfortunes as light as the foam.

To a couple so happy they raise the same question in all of our minds - "Are you sure they're married?"

Here's to you both -
A beautiful pair,
On the birthday of
Your love affair.

We've holidays and holy days, and memory days galore;
And when we've toasted every one, I offer just one more.
So let us lift our glasses high, and drink a silent toast -
The day, deep buried in each heart, that each one loves the most

You can find more free retirement toasts in the two books mentioned above.

Also here's some advice on toasts given in the Crisp Toasts book: Keep it short!

A toast is not the same as a speech. So don't confuse the two.

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