Free Graduation Speeches - Wow Your Friends

Free graduation speeches contain three important elements:

1) Introduction

This is where you introduce your free graduation speech. An introduction is important. It sets the scene for the rest of the speech. You might say something like:

"Well, I'm glad that's over! All that studying has got me itching to get out and explore the world. Not literally of course, but I do want to make my mark and show people that my studies have contributed to make me a better, all round individual. I'm licky to have had this opportunity and I appreciate all the hard work that it's taken to get here."

2) Thank you

You have many people to thank for helping you. Let's take this opportunity to say a few names:

"I'd like to thank a few people. Top of the list is my Mum and Dad. They have stood by me throughout my studies and have provide moral support and a shoulder to cry on. Without them, I know I would have struggled. To my best friend Toby who shared a dorm and was always there when things got tough. Always there with endless coffees through the all night sessions and he kept smiling. To my brother Mike - now you don't have a dumb brother!"

3) The future

You should give a positive and motivating finish for your free graduation speeches:

"I see a long road ahead. My foundation has been set and I need to keep on building and adding to my skills and knowledge. I look forward to the challenges and I know I'll keep on fighting through any troubles that block my path. Here's to the future."

That's an example of a free graduation speech. Good luck!

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