Free Rehearsal Dinner Toasts

Here's our page on free rehearsal dinner toasts.

Before we start, let's just run over what we mean by a toast and also the protocol for this special occasion.

A toast is a phrase at the end of a speech (sometimes a very short speech) and is accompanied by a drink. Here's a few examples: To the two of you or The bride and groom.

A rehearsal dinner is a celebration prior to your wedding day - usually on the previous evening. It tends to be more informal than the wedding feast and so there is less protocol in the toasting.

The rehearsal dinner is meant to be a way of invited guests meeting each other before the wedding. So toasts that welcome guests are very appropriate.

OK, so here are some free rehearsal dinner toasts:

"To all of you I say Welcome. Please raise your glasses to new and long lasting friendships."

"To Mr & Mrs Jones and family I'd like to say "Welcome. Please raise your glasses to a happy wedding day."

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