Graduation Speeches - How To Write One

Graduation speeches are speeches that celebrate the passing of exams by a student or group of students. They are common speeches to be given by the head student at the awards ceremony.

In the graduation speeches, you should speak about your experiences as a student, your expectations and to thank all your colleagues and lecturers for their support.

Your graduation speeches can be funny - but it should not offend or insult.

Your graduation speech should have an introduction, a main part and an ending.

Your speech introduction should welcome people and set the scene for the rest of the speech. eg.

"Ladies and gentlemen, members of the faculty and my fellow students, I am very pleased to be speaking to you today. I welcome you all and hope that you feel as proud as I do to be part of this great institution/university/college. I'd like to speak for a few minutes about how important this day is to us all".

The main part of your graduation speeches should focus on three or four key points about the positive aspects of being an graduate eg.

"Finishing our studies and passing our exams is a major milestone. Looking back, I remember my first day here. I was scared. I was embarking on such an important journey. I knew very little about life, my study area or the institution/university/college. How things have chnaged - all thanks to the commitment and perseverance of my lecturers. etc."

The ending of your graduation speeches could be a toast or a positive note on which to finish eg.

"To finish, I'd like us all to raise a glass and say in celebration of the endeavours and success of my fellow students 'Well done and good luck for the future'"

Your graduation speeches can be long, but often shorter speeches work best.

Good luck and well done!

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