Humorous Best Man Toasts - Use Them To End Your Speech

Here are a selection of humorous best man toasts to use to close your speech with a laugh:

"To end, I'd just like to remind the groom to remember to wear one thing when he retires to bed tonight - no, , not your socks!"

"To end, I'd just like to remind the single ladies here today that I am free and available - yes, unbelieveable I know!"

"Finally, I can honestly say that I have never met a nicer couple than and . Mind you, I don't get out much!"

"To end, I'd like to draw a line over that unfortunate incident on the stag do. The cream worked a treat and my wife's still speaking to me!"

"I have to go now, I need a drink!"

When you're deciding on which humorous best man toasts to include in your bestman speech you need to consider your own sense of humour as well as that of your audience.

So, here are some more humorous best man toasts to consider:

"Now, for those of you at the back who found it difficult to hear me - lucky you!"

"And finally, if you liked my speech I'm , if not, I'm Bob Monkhouse!"

"News just in... the story of 's liason with two semi-naked lap dancers is not true. In short, two thongs do not make a night!"

"News just in... a waiter has told me that a Viagra tablet has been accidently dropped into one of the meals today. Would the person who ate the meal please stand up ... oh, you already are!"

"And finally, I'm not saying the groom is well endowed, but it has opened doors for him!"

" said to me earlier that there are two reasons why I should keep this speech short. One, long speeches are more difficult to remember and two ... I forget!"

"And finally, I think there has been a mix up with a delivery to the bridal suite. I ordered a dozen red roses and one condom to be sent to the room. The hotel staff have just informed me that only one red rose arrived with a dozen condoms. Not a problem. By my reckoning, the grooms got a years supply!"

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