Humourous Speeches - Nine Top Tips To Get The Laughs

When writing your speech, you'll almost certainly want to include some comedy and humour.

Humourous speeches include jokes that are simple, non-specific and that provide your audience with the opportunity to laugh and enjoy your speech.

The keys to finding the right jokes are:

Tip 1 - Always use a joke that fits the mood of the event. Never use a joke that belittles the event or criticises or humiliates someone.

Tip 2 - Match the joke to your audience. If there are children present, do not use adult humour. Keep the jokes so they amuse everyone.

Tip 3 - Test your joke out on your friends and family. If they are not amused, consider choosing a different one.

Tip 4 - Keep your joke general. Don't try to make a joke out of something that only a few people will be aware of or about something topical unless you know it is non-offensive.

Tip 5 - Be prepared to leave out your joke if you feel the speech is not really capturing your audience. Delivering a joke on a 'flat' audience will create a forced laugh - not one you really want!

Tip 6 - Include two or three one liner jokes so you can modify your speech as you go along. You should be prepared to include/exclude them as appropriate.

Tip 7 - Include your jokes in groups of three. This makes for a continued laugh and it means that if one joke falls flat, you have two others to work with.

Tip 8 - Always pause at the end of the joke to gauge the audience. If they are laughing, let them! If not, quickly move on.

Tip 9 - Try to keep your joke short and to the point. One liners are much better than elaborate long-winded jokes.

If you follow these simple tips, your humourous speech will make 'em laugh!

Good luck!

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