Impromptu Speech Topics - Lot's of ideas

Impromptu speech topics are used for speeches that you may be asked to do with little or no warning. It's a speech that requires nerves of steel and a good knowledge of the subject.

If you are asked to make an impromptu speech, you need to have a good topic. Here are some suggestions:

* What is the biggest impact of the internet?

* Your special wedding day

* Your favorite pop group or band

* Your first job

* Your favorite subject at school

* Your best shopping trip and why

As you can see from the topic suggestions, they are topics that you should have a good knowledge of. When you know a subject well, you can speak about it much better.

To make it easier, choose an impromptu speech topic:

•That will demonstrate your expertise. •That is related to the purpose of the speech. •You feel most confident about. •You like to talk about. •You can speak off the cuff within one to five minutes.

Good luck!

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