Michael Jackson Funeral Speech

Michael Jackson died on the 25th June 2009. His funeral is likely to feature celebraties, eulogies and a funeral speech.

It is usual for a close friend or family member to make the funeral speech. There may be several speeches and/or musical selections to celebrate the life of the deceased.

The funeral speech should be short, positive and spoken in a caring and loving way. Sometimes this type of speech is difficult for family members to make. A close friend may step in to make this speech.

Michael Jackson funeral speech should reflect on his life in music and the joy he has given to many people through his songs. The success of songs like Thriller, Billie Jean and Beat It will remain much listened to by his millions of fans.

His speech should include the love he shared with his family and children and be all embracing for the fans and people he has known and worked with during his life.

Along side his funeral could be a memorial service to celebrate the life of Michael Jackson. Here, his friends and family could give eulogies and anecdotes to remember him. His fans would have the opportunity to pour out their love for him and his music.

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