Persuasive Speech Ideas - How To Get Your Audience Engaged In The Topic

A persuasive speech idea is one that aims to get your audience to take action. It is often a persuasive emotional speech and covers speech ideas like:

* Abortion * AIDS * Animal Welfare * Body Piercings * Church State Issues * Dieting * Euthenasia * Fraud * Gambling * Gay Marriage * Golbal Warming * Human Cloning * Illegal Drugs & Steriods * Iraq War * Marriage and Divorce * Organ Donation * Politics * Recycling * Religion * Smoking * Student Debt * Terrorism * Vaccinations

The core of a persuasive speech idea is to give over an argument for or against a particluar topic and convince the audience that they should agree with you.

The audience is the key. You need to make sure you get them on your side quickly and support the speech with facts and examples.

To make your speech compelling to your audience, you should create an exciting title. Here are some examples of persuasive speech idea titles:

* The case for organ donation * The need for recycling * Why the death penalty should be abolished * The need for gun control * The dangers of taking illegal steroids * How to pay off your credit card

When making the persuasive speech you should:

1) Engage with your audience - make eye contact and be open with your body language

2) Keep to the facts - facts will convince your audience

3) Use plenty of examples to illustrate your points

4) Encourage debate - if you can get other audience members on your side, you can persuade the majority

5) Be passionate about the persuasive speech idea - if you aren't then your audience won't be either

Be confident and you can begin to encourage your audience to follow your persuasive speech idea.

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