How To Create And Make A Presentation

Michael Green Ebook Review

How To Create And Make A Presentation is an ebook you can download from the Internet and then print off or read on screen. It's written by Michael Green who has spoken in over 20 countries on the subject of Message Presentation.

The ebook contains 104 pages and you also get some bonus reports. Whilst the ebook itself is not aimed at people who fear public speaking, one of the bonus reports is entitled How To Conquer Public Speaking Fear.

The ebook is divided into 4 sections:

Section 1 - The research phase (see below)
Section 2 - Creating your speech
Section 3 - Giving your speech
Section 4 - The aftermath

The Research Phase includes several steps but the key one is to be 100% clear on the purpose of your talk. Michael Green says that "Even after many years of making speeches and presentations,I never consider myself ready until I can write the point of my speech down in that two line sentence."

This is a very practical book (Michael Green calls it a 'Manual') and contains several checklists. One of these gets you started in the actual preparation of your speech. This part of the book also has a great process for thinking up what's going to be included in your talk. There are also tips on coming up with a 'snappy title', which can be important if you want to entice people to come to hear you.

There are also loads of practical tips on making your presentation. For example, Michael Green suggests you don't start off with a joke. How would you feel if no-one laughs? It's not academic stuff - just tips based on his own experience.

I rate this ebook very highly - particularly for the practical approach to researching and creating your speech. As Michael Green says, the greatest protection you have against fear of public speaking is effective preparation.

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