Public Speaking Lesson Plan - What To Teach And Why

When forming your public speaking lesson plan, you should always focus on the outcome that your student requires.

For example, is this a general introduction or do you want to focus on particular aspects?

It is easy to cover too much or to cover topics that are not relevant.

Here's an example of a potential lesson plan:


What is public speaking? Why is it so important in society today?

Embarrassment, nervousness and fears

Why is public speaking so scary? What is nervousness and how does it affect the speaking?


Why preparation makes the difference between an average speech and a perfect speech? How to prepare and how long to prepare for.

Relaxation and breathing techniques

What are these techniques and how do they help?

Composure and self-confidence

How to use self-confidence and why it makes or breaks your public speaking.

Speech content

What to say and when!

Famous Public Speakers

Looking at the speeches of famous speakers such as Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton etc.

Further Help

Where to look for additional help and resources?

The lesson plan is designed to give an good overview of public speaking and an avenue to obtain further help and resources.

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