Wow Your Audience With The Perfect Public Speaking Topic

When choosing your topic for your public speaking, you should choose carefully.

Many a great speech has been reduced to rubble because the public speaking topic was wrong.

Here are six top tips for finding the perfect topic:

Tip 1: Ideally, you should choose something that you know about. Having prior knowledge of the topic means that you can easily write the speech and the presentation of the speech will generally be better.

Tip 2: Research your audience and determine their level of knowledge of the topic. The audience could become bored or restless if they already know the topic well. Also, they may ask questions that are beyond your knowledge of the topic which will undermine your speech.

Tip 3: Plan your speech and ensure that you can make a good speech from the information you have about the topic. Use libraries, web sites, local experts to further your knowledge and add a special edge to your speech.

Tip 4: If you are making your speech at a convention, find out what the other speakers are going to cover. There is nothing worse than two speeches covering the same topic!

Tip 5: Ensure that the topic gives you plenty of sub-topics to expand on and talk about in your speech. This is also useful if you are doing a series of speeches as you can use the sub-topics as main topics for your next speeches.

Tip 6: If the topic is new to you, practice the speech to make sure it flows and sounds right. The more you practice, the better the public speaking will be.

Following these top tips will enable you to easily choose the perfect public speaking topic.

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