Retirement Speech - An Example

Are you looking for a retirement speech or information on what to include in a retirement toast? If so, then you should find this section of the public speaking advice web site very useful.

No matter whether you are talking about your own retirement or speaking about a colleague the same principles count.

Here are our top three pieces of advice:

# Focus the talk on one or just a few specific incidents relevant to the retiree and the organization. This is because specific incidents are more interesting than 'vague waffle'.

# Center your speech around time.

# Put some humour into your speech to relax yourself and your audience. You don't have to be a comedian.

Despite a load of searching the Internet I couldn't find any free retirement speeches – so here's one I've just written as an example. Putting our three advice points together into a very short informal speech you might have:

"OK everyone, just a few words about Bill's retirement. When I told people I was going to make a retirement speech today they got quite excited….until I explained that it wasn't me who was retiring.

Bill, you were here long before I joined the organization. In fact, I reckon you know more stories than anyone about what's happened here over the years. Like that time a horse got into the warehouse a few years back. You were the only one who was brave enough to go in and get it out. What amazed everyone though was when you came out riding on its back!

Anyway Bill, we would all like to wish you the best of fortune for the future. If we get any problems with livestock we'll call you, but other than that have a great time with the fishing.

Many thanks for all you've done for us Bill and best of luck for a long and happy retirment."

Free retirement speeches suitable for your situation are great – if you can find them. But you may also consider buying one over the Internet for about $25 or less. If you're busy then this could be the best use of your time.

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