Sales Speech Outline

If you're looking for a sales speech outline you'll find one here. However, when you look at what we suggest you'll find that it's not so much of a speech as a step by step process to follow.

You can design a set speech you use with all your customers. However, you can't just borrow the same words that were used for a different product. That is not likely to work, because your words must hit your customer's 'hot buttons'.

These hot buttons are likely to be twofold: the problems that your product or service solves and the benefits of your product or service.

For example, let's say that someone is selling a drill for boring holes in wood. Your speech is going to include something like, "Are you looking to bore holes in wood? If so, this super light drill makes the job so easy anyone could do a good job of it".

That said, here is a step by step process you might find useful for constructing a sales speech outline:

Step 1: Engage with your customer before launching into sales mode. For example, if you work in a shop you might introduce yourself and ask the customer whether they've visited the shop before.

Step 2: Ask questions to find out what problems the customer is looking to solve. You'll need to think of some questions in advance or maybe you can find someone in your line of business to give you some tips.

Step 3: Present a solution to the customer's problems. "OK, so you're looking for a light weight drill to make some holes in your bookcase. Is that right?".

Step 4: Offer your product (if it solves the problem). "From what you say, I reckon this MicroDrill is what you're looking for".

So in many cases a sales speech outline includes questions to ask your customers. Of course if you are in the position where you can't ask questions then you'll still have to know what questions your potential customers will want answered. Then it's your job to ask and answer those questions yourself.

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