Sample Introductory Speeches

This page gives you some brief sample introductory speeches and also some links to a site where you can buy a longer ready made speech.

These sample speeches relate to the situation where you are introducing a guest speaker. There are three basic principles:

  • The final words of your introduction should be the name of the guest speaker.

  • Do not give your own speech on the points which the guest speaker will be covering.

  • Instead cover some interesting points about the guest speaker, such as some of their past achievements or credentials.

You can read a bit more about this on our Introduction Of Guest Speaker Speech page.

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Anyway, here are two very brief sample introductory speeches. The first uses these three principles while the second ignores them. See which you think is best:

RECOMMENDED FORMAT "Ladies and gentlemen, we're in for a real treat tonight. Our guest speaker is a man who has been the driving force behind this project for many years. He is the person who knows the whole history of how we got to where we are today: the stories, the challenges and the little known secrets. Not only that but he's a very entertaining speaker. Please join me in giving a very warm welcome to Stan Smith".

INCORRECT FORMAT "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce our guest speaker Stan Smith. Stan is going to talk about the project, and in particular the factor which he thinks has been the most important to our success: hard work. I agree with Stan. What I think is most important about hard work is that no-one gets anywhere without hard graft. I mean, look at all the training those Olympic gold medallists have to go through. Without further ado then, over to you Stan.".

Which of these sample introduction speeches would you prefer if you were in the audience - or even the guest speaker?

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