Ready Made Special Occasion Speeches

Occasional Words .com - Web Site Review

Occasional Words

is a web site where you can buy ready-made special occasion speeches that get emailed to you within a few minutes. This site has been going since 1999.

Your purchase will cost US$27 for which you will recieve two different speeches between 200 and 500 words long. Roughly speaking each would give you a speech lasting 2 to 5 minutes.

Once you receive your speech you can then add details like people's names in the spaces provided. Also, you can add personal stories if you wish.

Alternatively you can order a speech to be emailed to someone else. Wow, what a welcome gift! There they are struggling to write a speech and you email them one ready made. Friend for life!

The wide range of speeches available are split into the following categories:

Wedding speeches
Anniversary speeches
Family event speeches
Business speeches
Birthday speeches
Retirement speeches
Bnai Mitzvah speeches
School and college speeches
Church speeches

Here a couple of customer comments from Occasional Words

"I just want to thank you for supporting me at the most nervous moment in my life (one of them anyway). Everything went well. I received so many compliments on my speech."

"I did use the tips, and I also utilized your example speech on receiving an award. It was very helpful. Both helped me put together and deliver a speech yesterday as I received the Governor's Award for Excellence in Women's Enterprise from Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio."

If you have to give a speech, and you're not sure what to say, buying a ready made professionally speech will give you a great start. You can then use it 'as is' or adapt it to your own taste.

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