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How To Get Your Speech In 60 Seconds

At Speech-Writers.com you can buy ready-made speeches instantly - or personalized speeches in a few days.

This is great if you need to give a speech in the next few days and you don't have time to write it yourself. Or maybe you do have time but you don't have the confidence - or you simply don't wish - to write it yourself. Or perhaps you just want to see some sample speeches to use as a template to ensure you don't leave anything out of your own speech.

There are quite a few customer comments on the site. Here's one I liked:
"Speech-writers really got me out of a jam. The wedding ceremony was due to start in three hours I needed a bestman speech. I received your speeches in 3 minutes" - AJM Texas

Also it's amazingly inexpensive - plus there's a full refund on ready-made speeches if you're not satisfied!


A ready-made best man speech will cost you around US$22. For this you get 10 speeches with toasts and various poems and quotes on love and marriage so you can pick and choose what's best for you. You also receive an A to Z of your best man duties.

Here's another customer comment:
"...the speeches supplied by you were used at my best friend's wedding. I used a mixture of the selected best man speeches and they provided excellent guidelines for those of us who are not called upon to speak in public on a regular basis. Many thanks as a great day was had by all...regards - RV

There are many different categories of ready-made speeches available to download. For example:

Father of The Bride speech
Groom speech
Retirement speech
Graduation speech
After dinner speeches
Fundraising speech
Club speech


A personalized speech, best man for example, costs US$275.

For this service you complete a questionnaire so your speech will contain personal information such as people's names and possible incidents that could be included in the speech.

I reckon that being able to buy ready-made or personalized speeches can remove a lot of the stress and strain often experienced in public speaking.

Sure you may still be nervous about speaking in public. But having a professionally written speech ready to use should be a great confidence booster for anyone.

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